Katakolon, Greece

Argonautis FC

Argonautis, founded in 1931, is the local football team of Katakolo and, because of its early foundation year, one of the oldest and historic associations of the country. During 1992-1993 and 1993-1994, Argonautis, due to its players' performance in the field, managed successfully to climb up to D National Division.


  This local team had and still has a great influence to the every day life of locals and kids, as more and more started to play football, staying away from bad habits. The current team of Argonautis is very popular in the wider area of the prefecture of Ilia and its administration consists of young and open-minded people who care a lot of the team's progress as well as scouts and promotes football talented players from the entire prefecture. The men team consists mostly of young people, less than 18 years old full of energy and will to help their team to progress.


  The field was granted by Mr. Vasilios Kolosakas and the surrounding area was bought with the help of Mr. Ioannis Latsis, in order to a future use. The old field is renovated as new lawn of excellent quality is put/ raked and this change makes it one of the best fields of the prefecture.