Katakolon, Greece

The Museum of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Toys

The Museum of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Toys (under the auspices of the Municipality of Pyrgos) is situated opposite the central square of Katakolo, at Latsi building. The Museum hosts 42 reconstructive musical instruments, exact copies (their construction is based on ancient greek literature and on vessels' images) and reliably operative. The exhibits are accompanied with Mr. Kostas Kotsanas' sketches, detailed information and constructive charts. Audiovisual material in Greek and in English is provided, while many exhibits are interactive.


Here is a small list of the exhibits:


Stringed instruments


Pythagoras "monochord"(single-stringed), Pythagoras "helicon" (four-stringed), Pythagorean "syntonon" (sixchord)


Hermes' Lyra: the first stringed instrument with acoustic. It consisted of a soundbox (an open concave tortoise shell with a palpitating membrane from the skin of an ox), 2 arms made of goat horns and strings of the guts of a sheep.


Appolo's "kithara" (guitar): a technological complex instrument consisted of a soundbox, 2 symmetrical solid curved arms and flexible curlicues. The elasticity of the arms created a distinct wave-like resonance, the 2 spirals on the arms released and adjusted the tension of the crossbar, while the sliding balance bronze weights of the crossbar helped in its tuning


The "pandoura": the predecessor of bouzouki, lagouto, baglama


The Homeric "phorminx"


The "archaic guitar"


The "peektis"


The "varvitos" (barbitos)


The triangle


The "sambyke" (sambuca)


The Ptolemaic "helicon" (eight-stringed)


Wind Instruments


The "aulos" (clarinet, oboe)


The "diaulos" (double aulos)


The "askaulos" (bagpipe)


The single-stem "syrinx" (flute)


The "salpinx" (trumpet)


Percussion Instruments


The "tympanon" (drum)


The "roptron" (tambourine)


The "krotala" (clappers)


The "seistron" (rattle)


The "kroupezion"


The "psithyra" (xylophone)


The "copper-phone"


Keyboard Instrument


"Hydraulis of Ktisibios": the first keyboard instrument in the world. Visitors can listen to the Song of Seilikos, the most ancient complete musical composition worldwide.


  The exhibition is divided in sections and follows the modern educational perception in Pedagogic and Museum Education so that it acts multileveled as far as the greatness of ancient Greek technological thought and technique is concerned.

  Access is free. Various educational programs free of charge, tours and live demonstration of the exhibits' operation is provided for students (organized visits).

  For reservation call 6983239032 or sent an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(website: www.kotsanas.com)