The society of Katakolo, although small, is very active in the fields of culture, entertainment and sports. The clear influences from the Ionian Islands and especially Zakynthos from the first years of the village’s existence, as well as the reception of hundreds of thousands of tourists and visitors every year, have created an active in cultural events and a particularly welcoming local community.

The fact that two cultural groups are active at the moment, the Folklore Club of Katakolo “Spyros Chionis” and the Cultural Association of Katakolo “O Pharos”, with continuous activities throughout the year is characteristic. At the same time, in recent years the Port Festival has been held in the grove, which includes concerts and various other activities for all ages, while in the summer of 2022, for the first time, the international Ancient Fairy Festival was organized in the Marina, a place where concerts of well-known artists are often hosted but also events of the Municipality of Pyrgos during the holidays. Also, mention should be made of the Latsis Nautical Club of Katakolo, with significant action and successes in nautical sports at a Hellenic country level. Finally, in the past the Children’s Choir of Katakolo also operated, participating in musical events outside the Prefecture of Ilia.