The historical presence of Katakolo can be traced back to the beginning of the 19th century, where from then on it gradually began to develop into an important commercial port for the region. The character of the important port is still preserved to this day, with a tourist character, as the hundreds of thousands of tourist visits every year make Katakolo one of the largest and most important tourist ports in the country and at the same time one of the main gateways for tourists to Greece.

Katakolo is also the port of Pyrgos, the capital of the Prefecture of Ilia, from which it is 13 kilometers away. It counts 511 inhabitants, according to the 2021 census, with one of the main occupations – especially in the past and to some extent today – fishing.

Access to the village is possible, in addition to vehicles and public transport, and by boat, as Katakolo has a marina on the north side of the port. For more information about means of transport, click here. A lot of useful information about the port and its facilities can be found on the website katakoloport.gr.

In addition to the multitude of shops and restaurants, Katakolo has a post office, a pharmacy and ATMs, while there is a Primary School and a Kindergarten. Regarding accommodation in the village, relevant information can be obtained from here.