Katakolon, Greece


    Katakolo is full of places and monuments that worth visiting. By exploring Katakolo you discover the hidden magic and beauty of the wider area. Some interesting and popular destinations and activities are the following: Pontikokastro, the Beacon, mountain walking, the church of St. Nikolaos, the Ancient Greek Technology Museum and the Ancient Greek musical Instruments and Toys Museum.




  If you come to Katakolo, you should definitely visit the Castle, also known as Pontikokastro (named after its shape), built by the Vilardouins during the Byzantine period. For its construction, remains of the walls of Fia were used, however during the 13th century the Castle was reconstructed by the Francs, who renamed it to "Beau Voir" or "Bel Vedere". Nowadays, we can only see a small part of the fortress as the castle was destroyed several times, especially during Greece's occupation by the Turks.


  The view from the castle is unique as you can see the bay of Kiparissia, the incredible blue color of the Ionian Sea, the islands of Zante and Kefalonia as well as the wonderful colors of sunset.




  Another site is the old beacon placed in the south-west side of Katakolo. The stone beacon was built in 1865, is 9 meters tall with a range of 18-19 nautical miles. Its first mechanism was French and placed in the tower of the beacon. The beacon had also 4 internal rooms used by the light keepers. Today, its mechanism is replaced by automatic functioning systems.


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 Mountain walking is an activity that all should do when visiting Katakolo. The landscape from the mountain is magical, the combination of the colors is incredible (blue form the sky and sea, green from the natural beauty) and the view is unique, especially during sunrise and sunset.


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  Last but not least is the renovated church of St. Nikolaos in the main square of Katakolo, a building of attraction by locals and tourists.


The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology  

The Museum of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Toys 


So, come here where the time stops and your mind gets free of the current and daily worries!