Katakolo is the port of Pyrgos, the capital of Ilia Prefecture, from which it is 13 kilometers away. Ancient Olympia is 33 km away.

Other distances from other major destinations are:

  • Athens 314 χλμ.
  • Patras 98 χλμ.
  • Araxos’ Airport 70 χλμ.
  • Military Airport of Andravida 40 χλμ.
  • Kalamatas’ Airport 125 χλμ.
  • City of Ancient Ilida 45 χλμ.

You can travel to these destinations by bus from Pyrgos KTEL. At the same time and by means of transportation, access to Pyrgos is possible by bus or train, where there are frequent routes, especially during the summer months. You can also travel directly to Ancient Olympia by train.

The bus routes are:


  • Pyrgos-Katakolo: 7:00-9:00-11:00-12:30-14:00-16:00-18:30-20:30
  • Katakolo-Pyrgos: 7:30-9:45-11:45-13:15-14:45-16:45-19:15-21:15

Weekend and holidays

  • Pyrgos-Katakolo: 8:30-11:00-12:30-14:00-16:00-18:30-20:30
  • Katakolo-Pyrgos: 9:00-11:45-13:15-14:45-16:45-19:15-21:15

For more information visit the webpage: www.ktelilias.gr

The train schedules are:

  • Katakolo-Pyrgos-Olympia: 08:40 & 14:05
  • Olympia-Pyrgos-Katakolo: 07:30 & 13:10
  • Pyrgos-Katakolo: 8:00 & 13:35

For more information visit the webpage: www.hellenictrain.gr

If you are traveling with your own vehicle from the New National Highway of Pyrgos-Patras, at the intersection of Lasteika you should follow the signs to Katakolo (if you are coming from Patras, turn right, while if you are coming from Pyrgos, turn left).