Argonautis, the local football team, is an integral part of the local community of Katakolo. It was founded in 1931 and this makes it one of the most historic clubs in the country. The club in its long life has given him unique moments. Who can forget the football years 1992-1993 and 1993-1994, where they fought for promotion to the 4th National Division, with the talent of their players surpassing the narrow limits of the prefecture. Without exaggeration at that time, all of Katakolo lived for the weekends and this was proven on the field!

And certainly in a small society like that of Katakolo, the role played by a union like Argonautis is multifaceted and mainly social. Young people of every generation have been members of the Argonaut and this is obviously a great achievement. All the young people of the village considered and still consider it very honorable to be members of the club, so they stay away from the problems of the young people of our time.

An important factor in the team’s progress is the village stadium. It was built with the help of Vasilios Kolosakas, with whose sponsorship this stadium actually took shape. While the help of Ioannis Latsis is also important, with whose money a plot of land next to the existing playing field was bought, for the purpose of future exploitation.